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  • We are a grassroots effort to stabilize our climate for all future generations. 

  • We believe the climate is the one thing that unifies all of us and we can all make a difference in reducing the damage caused by carbon emissions.

  • We provide education and resources to empower businesses and communities to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • We help businesses and individuals to understand their Green House Gas footprint and the most cost-effective ways to mitigate their carbon emissions.

  • We help individuals, businesses, and communities set impactful and cost-effective goals to reduce future emissions aligned with the best science. 

  • We want to support the transformation needed to change in order to stabilize the world climate for the next generations. 



I have been fortunate to work as an environmental professional for over 30 years building environmental and sustainability programs for great companies.  Our greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are the largest problems we face as environmental leaders.  Through working together, industries, regulators, and communities have been very successful in meeting environmental impact challenges in the past.  Just like the prior asbestos, lead-based paint, and PCB problems, we can fix this one.  It will take all of us to do our share to transform our traditional burning of fossil fuels for power and transportation into green alternatives. To protect our way of life, we must rebuild the energy system we rely on.  We are all consumers and must work collectively to change and demand the changes that meet the needs of our planet and the next generations.  We encourage you to learn more about your carbon footprint and the best ways for you to reduce your impact. Please join our mission to save our climate.

Ted Wells

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